Reminder: Part of Assignment 2

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If You Have Question(s):
Before the end of the day on Sunday, submit a list of questions, concerns you’ve had about Chapter 8 and 2 material and have not been able to confidently resolve.

Be sure to review the expectations for asking questions about material, before submission.

If You Have No Questions:
If you are the extremely rare individual without questions, please select one problem from each of Chapter 2 and 8 as recommendations for which problems we should review in class. Indicate why these questions are particularly important to review in terms of key topics and course goals. Be sure to indicate to which topicS the problem is related.

Be sure to consider Britt’s warning about not confusing familiarity with mastery.


Data on Response Times

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Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.01.03 AMHere is the raw response time data. The file was pieced together from all the submissions. The groups were not consistent with their files. Take a look over the files and identify at least two problems. Send me an email with solutions to those two problems and I will send you back a clean data file (thanks to Allen).

Britt’s Tips on Studying

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In the linked podcast, psychologist Michael A. Britt discusses some of the evidence based tactics related to learning.

His important take-home messages are:
1)   Self-testing is more effective than rereading material.
2)   Self-test multiple times, even when you know it the first time.
3)   Explain the material to somebody else, or yourself if nobody is available. Written/pictorial explanations require your thought process to be completed and closed.
4)   Identify and articulate the distinctiveness of each new topic.
5)   Apply and connect the topic. In science we can’t always make connections with a topic to our personal life. We can still try to apply it to authentic scientific settings. Our coursework provides opportunities.
6)   Don’t confuse familiarity with a topic with understanding and ability to use related tools.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. When Michael talks about studying he is talking about rereading the notes or the text. In Biology 200 when we talk about studying we refer to all of the activities related to learning the material including, but not limited to, reading and things Michael suggests.
  2. The scope of the podcast is not comprehensive. There are many more activities we can add to the studying arsenal.

Note for Thursday

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Bring your name card, lab 1 and 2, and your homework to be turned in with your first assessment on Thursday.

Homework Assignment 2

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This homework is due one week from today. Questions are due before Monday.
Assignment 2a
This chapter covers the content necessary for the following awards:
Experimental Studies
Definition and Structure (pp. 177-183) [D]
Randomization (pp. 183-186) [C]
Block and Matched Designs (pp. 180-188) [B]
Human Factors and Ethical Considerations (pp. 190-200) [D]
Interpreting Experimental Results (Chapter 8)[C]

1. Check your knowledge as you are reading by addressing the Apply Your Knowledge questions and the Check Your Skills questions.

2. Complete the Exercises except 8.26, 8.27, 8.30, 8.42, 8.43, 8.46, and 8.47.

3.. Items 8.36, 8.38, and 8.44 are related to A/B award material, and thus not required for C students.

4. Add the following subquestion to 8.41. Label it question 8.41(c). In terms of the research described in 8.41, compare the general benefits and drawbacks of using either an experimental study or an observational study to address the research questions?

Assignment 2b
Review Chapter 2. This is an easy chapter.
These chapters cover the content necessary for the following awards:
Distributions: Numeric
     Measures of Center (pp. 39-41, 49) [This section is for D level awards]
     Measures of Variation (pp.42-49) [This section is for D level awards]
     Percentiles (pp. 42-44) [This section is for D level awards]
     Outliers (pp. 51-52) [This section is for C level awards] — This topic will be revisited in later chapters.
     SUMS (pp. 43-44) [This section is for C level awards]

3. Check your knowledge as you are reading by addressing the Apply Your Knowledge questions and the Check Your Skills questions.

4. Complete Exercises in Chapter 2 except 2.37-2.40, and 2.42-2.47.

Odd numbered questions are briefly answered at the back of the book.

If you are unable to answer a question or are unsure of the answer, identify the part(s) of question/answer that you do not understand and/or cannot answer.

Record the following with your completed homework answers:
• The question number
• What part of the question/answer you do understand
• Which specific part of the question/answer is confusing, needs clarification, or explanation. Please quote.
• Which specific pages you believe are most related to the question and how you attempted to resolve the issue

The above format should be used when presenting questions to your professor.

Reminder of the Course Workflow
Assignments are issued on Tuesday. Questions about concepts and applications are due before Monday. Materially complete/attempted homework is due the following Tuesday. An assessment will follow about one week later.

Book Notes Week 2

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podcastbanner3 Chapters 2 and 8 are covered in this short podcast.

Percentiles Refesher

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For those who might need a refresher on percentiles, this video will get you started. The median, Q1 and Q3 are the 50th, 25th, and 75th percentile, respectively.

Note: n represents the number of values in a [data]set.

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