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In the linked podcast, psychologist Michael A. Britt discusses some of the evidence based tactics related to learning.

His important take-home messages are:
1)   Self-testing is more effective than rereading material.
2)   Self-test multiple times, even when you know it the first time.
3)   Explain the material to somebody else, or yourself if nobody is available. Written/pictorial explanations require your thought process to be completed and closed.
4)   Identify and articulate the distinctiveness of each new topic.
5)   Apply and connect the topic. In science we can’t always make connections with a topic to our personal life. We can still try to apply it to authentic scientific settings. Our coursework provides opportunities.
6)   Don’t confuse familiarity with a topic with understanding and ability to use related tools.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. When Michael talks about studying he is talking about rereading the notes or the text. In Biology 200 when we talk about studying we refer to all of the activities related to learning the material including, but not limited to, reading and things Michael suggests.
  2. The scope of the podcast is not comprehensive. There are many more activities we can add to the studying arsenal.
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