There is more than computation

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Understanding is necessary for three of the steps.
Source: Computer Based Math

Working Memory and Studying

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What does Doolittle say about learning? How does it differ and agree with the Britt’s suggestions? Why does asking such question as you watch this video help you to learn?

Students should try to learn complex material in bite size chunks. The cognitive load is lessened if some of the knowledge and understanding can be offloaded out of working memory. That takes time to allow for the needed practice and repeated application. That can translate into mastering one chapter before moving on and spreading out your studies over the week rather than doing it one big bolus.

For Tomorrow

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Be sure to submit a digital copy and bring hard copy of your response time short report.
The entirety of the report should not exceed 1 page. See also, the lab manual.

Homework Assignment 6

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Chapter 13
Review Chapter 13. Skip the sampling distribution of p (pages 324-327)
Check your knowledge as you are reading, using the Apply Your Knowledge questions and the Check Your Skills questions.

Complete problems 13.17-13.23 and 13.27-13.39 with great care. Include supports in your answers, as always, even when not noted in instructions (see Rubrics).

This chapter covers the content necessary for the following awards:
    Sampling Distributions   
        Properties  (311-319) [C level award]
        Law of Large Numbers  (313) [B level award]
        Central Limits Theorem  (320-323) [B level award]

UCSD Students Tackle Confounding and Evidence of Causation

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There are a few things that should be edited in this clip. Can you find them?



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What would it take to change your mind about your belief about sugar and children’s behavior?

Sugar and Behavior in Children

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Please post your response to the following question (use your student number as your name).

Do you believe sugar causes changes in the behavior in children? What does it do? Why do you believe this?

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