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What would it take to change your mind about your belief about sugar and children’s behavior?


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6 Responses to “Evidence”
  1. 28 says:

    It would take several clinical studies from reputable organizations that all come to the same conclusion.

  2. 24 says:

    An experimental study where we compare the reactions between children who receive sugar candy and sugar free candy. Both would have to be caffeine free also because caffeine could be a confounding factor.

  3. 1044505 says:

    Multiple white papers with repeated results containing very low p-values against the null hypothesis of no relationship.

  4. 24 says:

    *randomized experimental study repeated several times!!

  5. #30 says:

    For there to be a experiment that has a control group and a non controlled group of children. Once the experiment has been conducted and the data has been collected, compare the results. Also if there are research papers.

  6. 92 says:

    I need to see the numbers. You know like some sort of experiment that can determine if sugar really influences the behavior of children.

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