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Letter to Incoming Students

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Read letter from Kevin Cummins

Opportunity for Presenting Your Research

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MRC poster2

For more information see:

If you want help setting up your posters, let me know.



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Here is a short guide on how to get JMP to produce goodness of fit tests.

Here is an updated schedule of topics and assessments.

Reminders and Requests

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1. Bring your homework solutions for the last two assignments to class on Thursday.
2. Remember, for every topic and problem, determine how sampling distributions are related.
3. This week is the last week to withdraw. If you have not mastered D/C awards you are at risk of not passing.

Special Note

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Eligibility for Secondary Assessments requires:

  1. Attendance (or excused absence) during the related class periods,
  2. Completion and review of the related homework,
  3. Submitted questions/suggestions prior to the Monday before the topic is reviewed.

Secondaries will be due two weeks after the primaries are returned. Related drafts should be materially complete and submitted 5 days prior to the due date.

Requests for secondary award assignments should be made via email to



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If you intend on seeking an excused absence you may need to review the syllabus. You may also want to keep my phone number available to you on Tuesdays and Thursdays (see the syllabus).

If you do not intend to seek an excused absence, it is preferable that you not call or send email regarding your absence.

Recall, from the first day of class:
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 5.28.44 AMThe second bullet-point indicates that you should already be familiar with the expectations.

Advisory: JMP Utilization

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1. Reminder: Where do you get the data for the examples and problems? The book comes with a disk with all the data. It is also distributed on the course website. (side note: I’m working with the publisher on the applets.)

2. Homework problems that are marked as a Four Step Problem or Large Data Set problems are possible primary assessment questions just like the rest. You should use JMP for these problems. For these particular questions you will be allowed to bring raw JMP output (without added notes) to class, to be used during the assessments. This output will be needed for some problems. The output must be yours and you must be able to recreate the output. In some cases, I will have you create the output as part of your assessment.

3. Use of mobile phones and personal computers is not allowed during primary assessments.

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