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Reminder: Part of Assignment 2

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If You Have Question(s):
Before the end of the day on Sunday, submit a list of questions, concerns you’ve had about Chapter 8 and 2 material and have not been able to confidently resolve.

Be sure to review the expectations for asking questions about material, before submission.

If You Have No Questions:
If you are the extremely rare individual without questions, please select one problem from each of Chapter 2 and 8 as recommendations for which problems we should review in class. Indicate why these questions are particularly important to review in terms of key topics and course goals. Be sure to indicate to which topicS the problem is related.

Be sure to consider Britt’s warning about not confusing familiarity with mastery.


Data on Response Times

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Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.01.03 AMHere is the raw response time data. The file was pieced together from all the submissions. The groups were not consistent with their files. Take a look over the files and identify at least two problems. Send me an email with solutions to those two problems and I will send you back a clean data file (thanks to Allen).

Note for Thursday

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Bring your name card, lab 1 and 2, and your homework to be turned in with your first assessment on Thursday.

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