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Quote of the Day: Significance Tests

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The ability to conduct hypothesis tests and correctly interpret their results is one of the most important skills that business and economics students can acquire. A recent Business Week article emphasized this fact when it reported that statistics and probability “… will become core skills for businesspeople and consumers as we grapple with challenges involving large data sets. Winners will know how to use statistics—and how to spot when others are dissembling.”
Liu and Stone, quoting Stephan Baker.

Later we will learn why many statisticians disagree.

Anecdotes Not So Good for Ebola

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Here is a podcast of a SciFri interview about ebola. Listen to the cautions about using anecdotes as evidence of efficacy of the ebola treatment, in humans. What is suggested as a better approach to developing evidence? Why?

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.05.04 AM
Photo: NIH

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