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Eligibility for Secondary Assessments requires:

  1. Attendance (or excused absence) during the related class periods,
  2. Completion and review of the related homework,
  3. Submitted questions/suggestions prior to the Monday before the topic is reviewed.

Secondaries will be due two weeks after the primaries are returned. Related drafts should be materially complete and submitted 5 days prior to the due date.

Requests for secondary award assignments should be made via email to


Secondary Assessment 3 & 4

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The joint secondary assessments for the awards issued in Assessment 3 and 4 will be reassessed through presentations. Students will create their own unique lecture on the assessment topic(s). The lectures will include a basic introduction to the topic and include:

  • What each tool is used for and how it is interpreted
  • An explanation of the formula
  • Examples

The presentation/lecture can be prerecorded or given during class time. Multiple topics can be combined into one lecture. Review draft presentations with your instructor prior to October 9th. Presentations are due October 16th.

The LRC has media equipment available for students to record and edit video presentations, if that option is desired.


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