Fall 2014

Parallel Textbook
OpenIntro to Stats

Week 1 Content
Confounding Examples in the Media
Ice Cream and Homicide
Interactive Display of Quantitative Information
Population Statistics and Carbon Emissions

Week 2 Content
Randomization and Experiments
A four minute tutorial on using Excel for randomization
Definition of an experimental unit (and why the word “control” is not allowed in short reports)
Ethics in Human Subjects Studies
Placebo effect (RadioLab)

Week 3 Content
Background on bat data
Reference to mosaic plots         g

Week 6 Content
Sampling distributions
Sampling Distributions
Central Limits Theorem

Lab 4 Content

Transformation simulator
Ethics in Human Subjects Studies(moved to week 4, but related to the experiments Chapter)Week 6 Content

Sampling distributions and inference
Confidence Interval Simulation

Week 10 Content
Discussion of the use of the term “significance”
Rex Kline on NHSTs
Science News on Errors in Statistical Practice

Week 11 Content
Sugar Review
Sugar Trial

Week 12 Content
Chi-square tests
Genetics simulator

Miscellaneous Articles Related to Lab Exercises
Bat Study
Telomere Study
Brain Size versus Cognitive Ability
Taxi Driver Brain Study
Sugar Diets in Children
Aspartame in ADHD