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Eligibility for Secondary Assessments requires:

  1. Attendance (or excused absence) during the related class periods,
  2. Completion and review of the related homework,
  3. Submitted questions/suggestions prior to the Monday before the topic is reviewed.

Secondaries will be due two weeks after the primaries are returned. Related drafts should be materially complete and submitted 5 days prior to the due date.

Requests for secondary award assignments should be made via email to kcummins@collegestem.us.


Homework Assignment 9

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Note to Students: This is a point in the semester where the focus of student efforts fork. Skip the topics that are appropriate for the grade level you are targeting to allow you to focus on the grade level appropriate material AND to give you time to catch up on topics that you have not received awards for as of yet. Please, work with your instructor to develop a study plan that will allow you to be successful on the next awards assessment on those “straggler” topics.

Review Chapter 17. 
This is a short chapter and covers content directly related to the the first example NHST and indirectly related to the Statistical Hypotheses Testing awards. the following awards for this material are[grade level]:

    • Inference about a Population Mean (pp. 407-421) [C]
    • Conditions for inference (pp. 422-424+)[B]

Check your knowledge as you are reading, using the Apply Your Knowledge questions and the Check Your Skills questions.
Add Exercises 17.27-17.34, 17.42.

Special note: You will be introduced to the t-distribution. Use it just like the normal distribution. Discover why we use the t-distribution, rather than the normal distribution in most real situations.

2. Repeated from last week. Review two articles. These articles and related awards are for students seeking advanced grades. If you are not, focus on the core material. After becoming familiar with statistical testing, review the articles on significance testing in the weblinks section of Blackboard.
Review the articles are titled, “Odds are its Wrong,” and “Do We Really Need the S-word?” Respectively, these articles address the awards:
    Criticism of NHST [A]
    Appropriate use of the term significant [B]

Solidify: Homework Assignment 8

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Important Note to Students: I’m going to reset the schedule for the rest of the semester in the next couple days. Typically we would just jump into t-tests next. This semester we are going to stop and solidify what we have been working on.

Chapter 15 and 16
Review Chapter 15 and 16. These chapters help consolidate the connections between the previous topics. Check your knowledge as you are reading, using the Apply Your Knowledge questions and the Check Your Skills questions. If you can’t use the book’s applets, the java based simulations on the website with the sampling distribution simulations can be substituted.

Be sure to send your questions before Monday (and explain in some detail why you pick an exemplar question to be covered if you don’t have any questions).

Add Exercises 15.24-15.38, 15.41, 15.43, 15.44, 15.51, 15.54, 16.17, 16.21, 16.26, 16.31, 16.32

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a B and above assignment. I can help assign study material if you are seeking only a C, as this material is not required for a C. Please contact me at kcummins@collegestem.us.

These chapter covers content necessary for the following awards [grade level] and other previous awards:
        Margin of Error/Confidence Intervals (336-341)  [B] -this is a change to the syllabus
        Factors Impacting Accuracy and Precision (pp. 366, 370,+) [A]
        Relationship Between Bio. and Stat. Ho (pp. 343-346)[B]
        Accepting the Ho (p 347+)[B]

The supplemental A level readings for this week are related to this article and this article and the topics:
      Criticism of NHST and Appropriate use of the term significant [A]



Secondary Assessment 5 & 6

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If you are eligible for secondary awards on material assessed on primary awards assessments 5 and 6, and intend on working on the secondaries, email your instructor for instructions.

Secondary Assessment 3 & 4

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The joint secondary assessments for the awards issued in Assessment 3 and 4 will be reassessed through presentations. Students will create their own unique lecture on the assessment topic(s). The lectures will include a basic introduction to the topic and include:

  • What each tool is used for and how it is interpreted
  • An explanation of the formula
  • Examples

The presentation/lecture can be prerecorded or given during class time. Multiple topics can be combined into one lecture. Review draft presentations with your instructor prior to October 9th. Presentations are due October 16th.

The LRC has media equipment available for students to record and edit video presentations, if that option is desired.


Learning How to Learn

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Learn how to learn from UCSD neuroscience professors. The course starts on Coursera October 3rd, TODAY!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.17.56 AM

Quote of the Day: Significance Tests

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The ability to conduct hypothesis tests and correctly interpret their results is one of the most important skills that business and economics students can acquire. A recent Business Week article emphasized this fact when it reported that statistics and probability “… will become core skills for businesspeople and consumers as we grapple with challenges involving large data sets. Winners will know how to use statistics—and how to spot when others are dissembling.”
Liu and Stone, quoting Stephan Baker.

Later we will learn why many statisticians disagree.

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