Mesa Resources
SDCCD Library and Counseling Resources
Mesa College Deadlines
Mesa College Calendar

Study Scheduling Tools 
OASIS Time Finder

Software Resources
JMP Trial (30 days) Note: use option 2
SAS: Introduction to JMP
R: Shortcuts

Science Resources
NPR: The classic lecture is not a primary venue for acquiring understanding
Richard Feynman discusses the scientific method. Where does data analysis play a role? Where does creativity come in? How about critical thinking?
SDSU IRB information
NPR: Different views on struggle in the classroom
AmSci: The Science of Scientific Writing

BCS: Least squares vs. least absolute value regression

Math Resources
Columbia: Sigma notation
Math110: Rules for sigma notation
Khan: Series using sigma notation

Math and Science Educational Tools

Statistics Resources
NHMJ: Article on sham knee surgery

Probability in the News
SM: Expert MD witness gets the odds wrong

MVS: Comparing regions
NYT: How do you spend your day?
Chart Junk. Great examples of fancy graphics that are poor at communicating quantitative information.
Even Science mag gets it wrong. Dean Foster addresses Science’s poor graphics.
Problematic bubble plots used to show cool time trends. JMP oriented statistics blog.
Ten rules for data graphics. Notice the common themes.

Writing Resources and Examples
This short article highlights several stylistic issues that are related to our lab reports. You can skip the section on CONSORT guidelines.
An example of using text to narrate the story told by data presented in graphs (do not reproduce the method Wolfram uses for referencing the graphics, instead do it parenthetically).
How to cite a scientific article (and here).
An example and explanation of the structure, components, and style in scientific papers. I like the generalizable annotations. You should be able to annotate any scientific paper in the same way.
Writing grants for NIH
How many digits to include in tables? This is a different take.

Design and Reporting Guidelines
STROBE for epidemiology studies
PRISM for reviews
CONSORT for trials

Statistics and Measurement in the Media
Forbes: Diet Soda Associated with CVD
NPR: A Tale of Two Polls
NS: Bayesian vs Frequentist
CHE: Satisfaction versus Effectiveness

Classroom Resources
Classroom response system
Accident reports

Instruments and Measures
NIH Alcohol Consumption Measures
Scientific Abstraction and Reasoning

Ecological Momentary Assessment App Software

Letters of Recommendation
Science of Heroism
Mendel’s Experiments
NYT: Science of Teaching
Teaching Resources